This information contains valuable information for both booking and travelling. This information is general and subject to change without prior notice. Details may differ from airline to airline, or country to country, so do check in with us if you are unsure about requirements for your specific trip.

What is included in my air ticket?

Your ticket covers the fare for your journey and usually includes all airport, government, and airline levies and taxes though there are occasions, especially when travelling in Africa, where airport taxes are collected at the airport. Depending on the airline and the fare you pay, your ticket may include a free checked baggage allowance. This varies depending on the route you are flying and the airline and the information will be communicated to you when we quote your booking.  Cabin baggage is usually restricted to one small bag and a personal item.

How do I request a wheelchair or other assistance?

A limited number of assistance passengers is accepted on each flight. This needs to be requested at the time of booking and may be subject to medical clearance before confirmation. The service is free of charge. This is true of any medical needs including but not restricted to oxygen, diabetic passengers, etc. This needs to be booked at least 72 hours prior to travel.

Can I book special meals?

If you have any allergies, particularly food allergies, these need to be communicated to us so that we can advise the airline in advance.

Some routes and airlines offer meals at an additional cost. This is typical of low-cost carriers and on many US airlines. Some of these do permit the pre-purchase of meal vouchers through their web site.

Depending on the airline, route, and class of travel special meals can be requested. A variety of options exists among which child, kosher, Halaal, vegetarian, and diabetic meals are the most popular. If you do have a particular request, we will try to secure it for you. Some airlines now have a menu option where, for a charge, one can order in advance from an a la carte menu. Special meals need to be booked at least 72 hours prior to travel.

Can I travel with my pet?

While some airlines do allow small pets in the cabin, with very strict conditions, and most accept service animals, not all do so this needs to be made known at the time of booking. Larger animals and any that are not permitted in the cabin have very specific requirements. Since our core business involves human passengers, we usually refer passengers travelling with animals to a pet travel specialist. We can then work in tandem with the pet agent to facilitate the best possible fit for both human and animal passengers.

Can my child travel alone?

Children under 6 must ALWAYS have at least one adult (16 or 18 depending on the airline) accompanying them. Children aged 6-11 years are considered “unaccompanied minors” and the rules and restrictions can be a minefield as different airlines have different rules and processes for such bookings. Please discuss your child’s itinerary with us and we will see if such a booking will be possible and what restrictions might apply to your itinerary. Children 12 and up are considered adults for purposes of air travel and can travel on their own but it is possible (and usually advisable) to book them as unaccompanied young persons for which an assistance service can be booked. Please chat to us and we will determine the best fit for your child/ren.

What do I need to know about travelling with my infant?

Children under the age of 2 pay a small percentage of the adult fare and do not get a seat and sit on the parents’ lap throughout the flight. To secure a seat for your baby you will need to pay a child fare which is higher than an infant ticket cost but usually not a full adult fare (this varies from airline to airline and will be discussed when we quote your booking). Depending on the age, size, weight of your infant it may be possible to book a bassinet—please chat to us if you think this is something you would like. Most airlines carry very basic infant supplies so you need to ensure that you have what your baby will need on board. One can usually take a pushchair/pram up to the door of the aircraft at which time the items is stowed and will be available at the door when you land. Some airlines include a luggage allowance on an infant ticket, others don’t so this will need to be checked when we quote your booking.

What do I need to know about travelling with children?

Children usually travel at a discounted fare and enjoy all the benefits of an adult ticket including a seat, the same luggage allowance, and all on-board services. In addition, most airlines offer child meals which we will pre-book on your behalf. Most airlines try to ensure that families are seated near to each other, if not together. It is advisable, however, to prebook your seats to make sure this happens. Most airlines charge for advance seating so if you want to be certain your children are seated with you, this is something worth considering.

Is there wi-fi on board?

Increasingly, airlines are offering complimentary wi-fi on board. How much one gets depends on the airline and whether the passenger is a member of their loyalty programme. This is still a relatively new product on the market so may not be available on all airlines or all routes. Top-tip—register for the airline’s loyalty programme to maximise any benefits they offer! And don’t forget to provide us with your membership number so that we can ensure you earn on your flight too.