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Denim Travel was started with the aim of offering a highly personalised travel service to the business traveller. Denim Travel has now grown but that commitment to personal attention has not changed. The company has, over the years, enhanced its list of offerings to include international travel, package tours, travel insurance, foreign exchange, and so much more.


Fees are non-negotiable.  Prices are per quote.  We do not charge service fees for packages booked BUT require up-front deposits for quotes. Fee for the first quote is deductible from the final package price but fees are non-refundable if no booking is made. R500 First 2 quotes / quote (up to 3 destinations)

International Travel

Denim Travel offers a range of pre-packaged and customized international tours services to a number of destinations all over the world. With a network of on-the-site partners and personnel, Denim Travel can ensure that every aspect of your journey is managed.

International Tickets

R1750 – International Business Class Ticket
R800 – International Economy Class Ticket

Domestic Travel

Ticket Booking:  We can secure air tickets on all IATA registered airlines at very competitive prices, including many “low-cost” carriers.  Hotel Booking: Accommodation, meals and airport transfers. You can also book your own accommodation directly from our website.  Car Rental: We can book your car rental on a prepaid basis or you can book your own car rental directly from our website.

Domestic Tickets

R500 – Domestic Business Class Ticket
R375 – Domestic Economy Class Ticket


Pacakge Tours

Denim Travel offers a range of package tours to most destinations that help you keep your vacation pleasurable, informative, quick, and hassle-free. The entire package delivers everything you might need: flights, hotel bookings, sightseeing tours, airport transfers, etc. Whether you are a family planning on a break, a couple seeking to go out on a trip all by yourselves, or a corporate team looking to have a structured time away from work, we have tours and packages that cover all your needs.


R350 – International Reisue
R250 – Domestic Reissue


Foreign Exchange

Denim Travel, through the services of Bidvest Bank, is able to arrange your foreign exchange order and have it delivered to your door! No more queues and security concerns.



Travel Insurance

Denim Travel has partnered with a number of insurers to bring to you professional insurance services that cover you, your luggage, and your family or colleagues when you travel. Depending on your needs, you can choose from the following insurance schemes :
Hollard Insurance – quote and issue your own policy right here
TIC – quote and issue your own policy right here
We can also assist with top-up cover for most credit card companies.

Travel Insurance

R75 – Travel Insurance
No charge if tickets/package is booked through Denim Travel


Hospitality Management

Once you book with us, all you need to do is show up. All your hotel bookings, all your travel plans, ticketing, etc. can be handled by our experienced teams.

Car Hire

R165 – International Car and Hotel bookings
R80 – Domestic Car and Hotel bookings
Unless part of a package

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