Visa and travel health GUIDE

know before you go!

Denim Travel does not handle visas but will gladly refer you to a visa specialist and provide whatever information we have. Similarly, as we are not medical professionals, we do not give advice on medical requirements for various countries. Again, we will gladly provide the data available to us and put you in touch with a travel clinic if necessary.

To assist you with information, we find these links extremely useful:

For quick visa and health requirement checks, we like Sherpa or TravelDoc as one can enter the passport of any nationality.

Click here for visa requirements pertinent to South African passport holders. This page also gives great travel-related information about a number of countries.

For information on Schengen visas for South Africans travelling to Europe, click here.

Yellow fever information for travellers can be obtained here.

Should you be travelling to South Africa on a non-South African passport, you can see here whether you need a visa. If you do need a visa, this is what you can expect to need to provide.